What Kind of Money Magnet Are You?

treasure chest of riches
Are you aligned with wealth creation?
Students of the Law of Attraction are aware that everything is energy, including money. As energetic beings, we are constantly drawing to us what we are aligned with energetically. So, when it comes to what dollars, what are you aligned with? What kind of money magnet are you?

Like Attracts Like, Even When It Comes to Wealth Creation


You can't help but attract things. The vibration you are emitting is calling to you what you are an energetic match to. Like attracts like. If you are in a poverty mind/emotion set, you cannot attract or be aligned with wealth. It just can't happen unless you change your vibration regarding money and emit a different signal.

How to Become a Money Magnet, Step-by-Step


Try these step-by-step tips to begin changing your vibration and become a better money magnet.

  • Get crystal clear, do the math. How much money do you want? Put some thought into how much you truly want to receive. Sit down and figure it out so that you really know. If you have a very clear and definite amount in mind, you are less likely to change it. Without doing this step, you may bounce amounts around in your thoughts, which will affect the results you get. Don't worry about how the money will come to you, don't even think in terms how much you personally have to work to raise it. Just determine how much you want to come your way.
  • Once you have your desired money figure firmly, clearly settled in your mind - set your intention. Write it, declare it silently and aloud. A word about the stating of your intention - keep it to yourself, at least until you reach a point where no one could possibly say anything that might shake your belief and sabotage your success.
  • Get emotional about the money you want. Love it, think about how much fun and pleasure you'll have spending it, pretend you already have it. Heck, if it makes you feel positive about having your desired amount, imagine throwing it up in the air so it rains down on your head. The idea is to start building strong, positive thoughts and energy where your finances are concerned. If you are worried about not having enough, you are emitting a lack (not prosperity) energy towards the subject of money. Remember, like attracts like. It's the Universal law and applies to everyone and everything.
  • Fake it 'til you make it. Really get your mindset solid about having all the money you want. Act, think and talk like you have already received it. This is not advice to go out and do some rash spending, rather a way of doing some energy work that will help bring you into alignment with your desire. Send out signals that attract what you want. How long do you have to fake it? That depends on where you are when you start. If your feelings about money are deeply entrenched in poverty, it will take longer than someone who feels merely indifferent about finances. Just keep inching your way closer to feeling really, really good about having money and you'll start noticing a difference. Do not put any energy into worrying about how long it is taking, that creates resistance and prevents riches from entering your experience. Let the Universe handle the details.

Additional Tips


  • Express gratitude for the dollars that are already part of your life experience.
  • Banish thoughts and statements about lack. Replace negative with positive when thinking or speaking about finances.
  • Know that the Universe is handling your request for more wealth. If your energy is saying, "I have lots of money!", the Universe will believe you and prove it.
  • Be happy for others who have already attained their dreams. Rejoice in the prosperity and abundance of others. See these things as evidence that yours is on the way.
  • Use daily affirmations that state that you are already in possession of what you are asking for. Don't forget to mention that money flows easily to you.
  • Know that you deserve all the riches that you are asking for. If necessary, work on increasing your self-worth. You are as entitled to be rich as anyone else in this Universe!
  • Carry something that makes you feel rich. The Secret site recommends writing yourself a cheque for the amount you want and putting it in your wallet. Use whatever helps you to feel wealthy.
  • FEEL GOOD! This may be the most important tip of all. If you are feeling happy and flowing, everything you want can enter your life more easily.
  • Check in with your emotions. Think about your finances - what type of emotional response comes to the surface? Are you feeling confident or fearful? One attracts prosperity; the other repels it. Only spend a brief period of time on this. Remember, what you focus on expands; like attracts like. If you determine that you are still feeling fearful and mired in poverty, do something that makes you feel a little bit better and happier. Forget about it if you have to in order to cut down on the negative money vibes you are sending out.
Don't worry if your money does not show up immediately, especially if you have a long history of lack. In fact, don't worry about any part of it. Just know that you and your money are coming closer together the more you stop clinging to your blocks and resistance. Relax, flow and be happy. Enjoy the process as much as you can.

What kind of money magnet are you? A powerful one!.

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