Whatever Happened to...Lee Brower of The Secret?

Lee Brower from The Secret - Gratitude Rock Story
Imagine someone who devotes his life to helping others, has a unique business savvy and a mission to leave a positive legacy, and you start to get an idea of what Lee Brower is like.

Gratitude Rock

You may especially remember Lee Brower's story in the movie about the gratitude rock. He found a rock he liked, put it in his pocket and used it as a reminder to feel grateful about something. A visitor from South Africa found out about the rock and after returning home, asked Lee to send him some rocks to help a sick friend. Later, the man asked for a bunch of rocks to sell for a fundraiser. I love this story! If you need a refresher, here's the movie clip:

Brower is, and I believe was at the time of the movie, an international wealth and business consultant, as well as generous philanthropist. He puts The Secret principals to really good use and shows others how to do it, too.  Although it reads like a byline or bio, Jack Canfield briefly highlights Brower on his site: 

As if helping helping people around the world manage wealth, develop successful businesses, leave positive legacies wasn't enough, Brower is also a speaker and an author, offering workshops, seminars and training. He has co-written a book titled, Wealth Enhancement & Preservation and is the sole author of The Brower Quadrant.

This is the man that top people go to when they need some guidance and advice, including world politicians and the wealthy. It's not just about money, people learn how to pass their knowledge, expertise and wisdom to future generations, ensuring the continuation of family wealth, history, values and know-how.

Brower is also the man who mentors 'the little guy' (my words) through programs, books, audios and DVDs. He is a trusted and respected adviser and contributor to both the rich and poor, the independent and the needy.
“I’m passionate about the opportunity to continue to affect lives and make a difference."  Lee Brower

Brower's bio may read like that of a saint's but he is human, and has had a few challenges in his life, like the rest of us. 

At one time, he had his finger in so many business pies that he was over-extended, overwhelmed and had little time and energy leftover for himself or his family. That was the time that some of the passion for what he was doing dwindled. However, knowing what he knows and being a smart guy, he corrected the situation and once again started living a passionate life in his chosen field.

Brower is a big believer in the power of gratitude. It seems to have worked very well for him and I think he's a shining example of what people are capable of.  

An interesting fact: Brower's headquarters are located in Bountiful, Utah. :-)  

Another interesting fact: Lee Brower is the father of eight.

Some of Lee Brower's business involvements and websites:

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