Friday Freebie - Top 3 Online Vision Boards

Free Online Vision Boards
When was the last time that you created a dream board or updated an existing one? I know it's been a while for me. Now that I think about it, there are a couple of things that I'd like to change or remove.

The difference between the sites that I'm directing you to today and my vision board, is that mine is a cork bulletin board, not digital. I think the advantage of a digital vision board is that everything - quotes, images, etc. are at your fingertips for fast assembly and be changed so easily.

As far as keeping your creation in plain view, I would save it as your desktop wallpaper.

Top 3 Free Online Vision Boards

None of these sites charge for you to use them.


Oprah Dream Board site banner
Of course Oprah would offer a great Law of Attraction tool like her O Dream Board! You have to sign up to her site to take advantage of it but hellooo, it's Oprah. You know you'll only find good stuff and even more resources to help you manifest your desires using LOA techniques.

Vision Board site banner
Vision Board offers a complete creation package for free. You can create, share and track vision board(s), using the site's tools:

"Library of Impacting Images, Empowering Affirmations, Supercharged Music, Progress Tracking Tools, 5 “mini-show” vision boards and much more." This one has it all and costs you nothing. Definitely worth checking out.

Free to use dream board and goal setting portal. The unique feature of Map Our Lives is the display format.

"Upload images to your vision board and your happy board and Map Our Lives will then automatically create you a browser homepage which shows you these images every time you go online."

UBoodle is a full service, no cost Law of Attraction toolbox. In addition to vision board creation, there is a wish list, a gratitude list, blog, forum and more.

There you have it. Now, gather up your most heart-felt desires and imagination to create something really special that can help you in your manifesting. Align your energy, set your intention and turn yourself into a magnet for love, money, a closer bond with your kids, that bigger house that you need and want. Anything at all.

Have fun!

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