I totally believe that we are the cause of our own health issues by virtue of our beliefs and thoughts. Our actions stem from those two things. While this video about epigenetics will not say anything (about the basic belief) that many of us have not read or heard before, it is presented in a way that, for some reason or other, excited me.

I think that I love that there is a scientific slant to it that will give some people their 'ah-hah!' moment. Epigenetics may just make it a little easier for analytical minds to at least entertain the concepts contained in the explanation video below this post.

Basically, what Bruce Lipton is saying in this presentation is that it is the epigenetic control and not our cells that determine the state of our physical bodies. We are not victims or prisoners of our DNA, it is our beliefs that change the cells, not the other way around. Our perceptions control our biology. That is epigenetics in action.

We've all heard of spontaneous healing. That is a perfect example of a mind deciding whether to continue on that path of disease or to heal. Our beliefs, like most things, are energy. If you believe you can miraculously heal, you will. The opposite is also true.

Mr. Lipton has a name for the negative beliefs in this theory. You've heard of the placebo effect, well he calls the negative beliefs the nocebo effect. Considering how powerful we are, nocebo can have a very serious effect on us.

Something that Mr. Lipton notes in this video is the fact that our beliefs are influenced by those around us. I had to think about this one because it made me wonder if I am surrounded by friends and loved ones who are contributing to the state of my beliefs in a way that I'm not even conscious of.

Please enjoy this video about epigenetics. It has given me a new perspective on an old topic and I will probably do more on the subject.

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