Deserving vs Self-Sabotage

deserving vs self-sabotage, falls in forest
In Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life (Hay House Inc., 1999), the author makes the following statement:

If we do not accept the idea that we "deserve" to prosper, then even when abundance falls in our laps, we will refuse it somehow.

Ms. Hay then gives an example of how one of her students sabotaged himself while, at the same time, was trying to move forward to a better level of prosperity. That ambivalent behavior simply does not manifest the results you want.

How many of us have done exactly the same thing? I know I have.

Quite often, the self-sabotage hits right after something positive comes into our life. Maybe we win some money, then something happens that takes it away again, some unexpected expense. Is that what you believed (deep down) would happen? That good, lucky thing that happened to you ended in disappointment - again! You're right back where you started.

So what is holding you there, why do you always go back to the beginning?

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you truly believe you deserve the prosperity you want?
  • Do you believe that there are limitless resources available to you, that there is no such thing as lack?
  • Are you remembering to switch your focus from what you don't want to what you do want?
  • Are your subconscious beliefs about money negative?
  • Do you rejoice in other people achieving financial gain, or do you feel jealous and view them as greedy?
Being mindful of your focus and feeling gratitude for all that you do have right now is a great place and way to start accepting prosperity. You may move in baby steps but that's okay. The Universe will respond to your vibration. If you find a dime on the sidewalk, be grateful. Express gratitude if someone buys you lunch or a cup of coffee. View even small things as the gifts they are and you will increasingly switch your focus and energy to receiving more.

Don't be hard on yourself if it takes you a bit of time for this to become habit. Just be grateful that you've found an answer that will help you. Above all, know that you deserve it.

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