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As promised yesterday, I have compiled a list of Law of Attraction forums for you.

Powerful Intentions, the Law of Attraction Community - Free

This site says that people who are members of their community have three things in common:
  1. They all believe in the Power of Intentions
  2. They all believe in the Law of Attraction
  3. They are all enthusiastically attracted to be there by Inspired Action
Powerful Intentions has a goal of helping everyone belonging to their forum to raise their vibration and easily attract what they are looking for. In the site's own words, they want to "Create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their Intentions!"

Power Law of Attraction, My Community - Free

Although the top of the forum seems to suggest that this one concentrates on attracting romantic love, a quick scroll down through the topic threads reveals that there are many other topics of interesting, as well. Wealth, quantum physics and abundance, for example. The site has more than 3,000 members.

Law of Attraction Forum, Your Life of Success - $19.95

Please note that I cannot vouch for this site. While searching for LOA forums, I happened upon this and decided to include it in the interest of offering varied choice. It purports to help people succeed financially and spiritually.

Some people may be more comfortable in a club format, which this one is. The Law of Attraction Forum is guided by author David Samuel, who is personally available to members on a daily basis.

Spiritual Forums, Manifesting, Creating and The Law of Attraction - Free

Self-touting as, "the web's number one community for spirituality!", Spiritual Forums is an open arena to discuss absolutely anything to do with what most people refer to as 'New Age'. There are threads for topics such as paranormal, yoga, zen, spirituality, esoteric subjects, affirmations and more. Naturally, manifesting and the Law are the topics of many of the threads.

The Abe Forum, Abraham-Hicks Discussion - Free, accepts donations

This is a robust forum of more than 6,000 people discussing all things Abraham. All participation must have to do with Abraham teachings.

Well, that's it for today. I hope that at least one of these forums resonates with you.


  1. Great List, active forums are hard to find! While there are some active forums, I don't find the diversity that I hoped there would be.

    Thanks Again,

  2. You're welcome, hope you found a forum that interests you.


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