Meditating with Chanting and Mantras

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Chanting, mantra and Law of Attraction
A few days ago, I was given a lovely gift from a loving person. It is a thin paperback book about chanting and mantras that includes interviews with George Harrison and John Lennon. Well, I love The Beatles and although I haven't done it for a long time, I love chanting. Ergo, I love this gift.

Since I hold the opinion that you can combine and customize practices to enhance your approach to Law of Attraction, I naively thought a simple post on chanting would be great. In the interests of providing accurate details, I began researching. Boy, oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for.

Chanting vs Mantras

The amount and variety of information is absolutely overwhelming. There are a ton of different types of both chants and mantras, according to various religions and perspectives. I even had trouble finding out the difference between chants and mantras. Okay, yes, I was pretty clueless. After a lot of reading, I think that you chant mantras.

Anyway, as I said, I used to chant years ago. I've always loved the sound of chanting, as well as the feeling it can give you. To me, it invokes empowerment, focus and bliss. Why did I stop doing it? No reason, I just let life distract me.

Why It Works


Words and sounds emit vibrations. Words enunciated in a particular way, have a higher vibration. I think of chanting as a slingshot for the words. Whether you're holding the OM note or simply listening to someone else's recorded chant, those specially toned phrases are being carried out into the ethers (and you).

Benefits of Chanting


You only have to try or listen to chanting of a mantra to immediately feel some of the benefits. This is what I discovered:
  • No more mind chatter! The brain super focuses on your words as you meditate your mantra(s) with eyes closed. Try it, it's wonderful.
  • Use this method silently or out loud - totally portable and requires no additional tools
  • It relaxes you and touches you on a deep level
  • Can become pleasantly addictive
  • Raises vibration and can be a helpful tool in your manifesting efforts
  • Great for clearing out old issues
  • Can help you connect with your divine self to experience profound gratitude and love

It's really all about focus, which you can't help but do while meditating with chanting and/or mantras.

Easiest and Best Approaches


As I am of the opinion that it is perfectly okay to cobble together your Law of Attraction toolbox, I believe that there is no right or wrong way to approach this topic. If you find a phrase or mantra that feels good to you, use it. Regardless of its religious origin, if it resonates and feels right, it is right. The only way it could be wrong is if you deem it so. Remember, this is all about vibration and the very reason for chanting in the first place. You'll discover a chant that massages your vibration in a pleasant way and reap the benefits.

So, if we take all the confusion out of things, it is simply a matter of selecting what feels good. Period. Simple, right?

Probably, actively chanting yourself is best. However, I often prefer listening and just letting myself feel the other person's voice, allowing it to infuse me and appreciate the beauty of it. I'm including one such recording here but there are about a bazillion recordings of chants on YouTube, if you're interested.

This one is called Miracle Mantra. The reason that I'm including it is strictly for its awesome beauty. I just love the singing voice, it is remarkably beautiful to me. The words to the mantra are below the video on YT, if you want to follow along. I don't bother. I light a candle, close my eyes and allow myself to get carried away on the notes.

This chant repeats nine times and it is suggested that you listen to/recite a mantra chant either 9, 27, 54 or 108 times per day. So, you could listen to this once per day and have the 9 covered.

Does it really matter how many times you engage in this practice? Well, I'm no expert but I doubt it. Still, why take chances when it is such an easy thing to do and feels sooooo good? Besides, the number nine represents conclusion and completion, so there is a certain amount of sense in doing things in rounds of nine.

What I Don't Care for in This Chant


While I resonate strongly with the sounds of this mantra chant, I have this thing about directing them toward a specific person, which I believe this does. As I understand the words, this prayer mantra calls upon the ancestors of this baba (holy man) that you see in the video. I don't watch the video, I only listen to the words and envision instead Universal energies coming to me. Like I said before, it feels wonderful.

A Word of Caution


If you are clearing out some past/big issues, you may experience that in some uncomfortable ways. You might become emotional, or things in your life could change in ways you weren't expecting. This is sometimes necessary, in order to pave the way for better situations. Try not to distress about it if this happens to you. Remain as positive and flexible as possible and partake in music or activities that can help lift your mood. Nothing is permanent, including dark times.

Give It a Go

Meditating with Chanting and Mantras is really like singing a focused prayer. It's easy and very pleasant and well worth a try.

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