The Manifest-Station

A few years ago, I was told about the Manifest-Station by a friend. At that time, the site was a streaming TV, of sorts. You could watch workshops, lectures and other interesting LOA self-help programs on a rotating, 24 hour schedule. It seemed to me that most of the programming consisted of Neale Donald Walsch but that was okay because the Law was still new to me and everything about it was interesting.

I noticed, maybe it was last year, that the site no longer worked. There were no working programs at all, at least none that I could get to work. Just today, I thought of Manifest-Station again and went to check it out to see if it still exists and if so, would it offer the same format as before.

The answer is that yes, the site and its objective to share LOA information is up and running, however things at the Manifest-Station have changed a little from the way I knew it. The site is still a source of free Law of Attraction videos, audios and articles on demand but it now also features items for purchase. Can't blame them, everyone has the right and self-obligation to make a living.

Even with optional purchases now gracing the website, the Manifest-Station is worth having a look it. There are still numerous, helpful tools to assist you with your manifesting. Below, I am embedding the site's trailer for you to have a look at to get a sense of it.

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