Jerry and Esther's Law of Attraction BLOG

Jerry and Esther Hicks have had a website for Abraham for some time now but I just today discovered that they started a BLOG (that's how they spell it) in March of this year. Yes, that means I'm a little behind where Abraham is concerned.

In the blog's first post, it is mentioned that the blogging may be sporadic rather than regular. The rest of the post is full of fun and good humour, with Esther signing off as, "Jesterham".

Most months since March have seen some posting. The last one was in October of this year. If you skip over there to take a peek, you'll find a video of Jerry and Esther's Favourite Song Ever, along with some description of the wind up of Abraham's 2010 tour.

The video below is not connected to Jerry and Esther's Law of Attraction BLOG, at least as far as I know. I'm just putting it here for sheer enjoyment.


  1. Great video, makes me want to get in the vortex.

  2. Esther and Abraham affect me that way too, Rob. Glad you enjoyed it.


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