5 Free Law of Attraction eBooks

When people first discover the wonders of Law of Attraction, they tend to develop a voracious appetite for information on the subject. After a while, it tones down because we realize that once we know the basics, all the printed material is saying the same essential things, just in a different way. Therefore, we look for even new sources of information, which is how I hope this post will help. I can't vouch for or offer a review on these free ebooks because I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but if you have I welcome your comments or recommendations.

Free Law of Attraction eBooks

Yes, okay. I know that the title of this post says 5 free law of attraction ebooks but you're actually getting 14 from 5 links. My bad, sorry.

Click on the title links to go to the free ebook pages

10 Free eBooks on the Power of Thought!

As you can probably guess, getting access to these books requires that you enter your name and email address. If you do, you get a bonus mp3 recording about the Law of Attraction, 20 minutes long.
The titles available on this page include:

  • ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell H. Conwell
  • MENTAL CHEMISTRY by Charles F. Haanel
  • MIND POWER by Nathan Blaszak
  • THE WAY OF PEACE by James Allen
  • POWER OF GRATITUDE by Wes Hopper
  • THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND by Dick Sutphen
  • HYPNOSIS HEALS by Lisa Knight
  • THE MIND AND MEMORY by David Mitchell
  • ABOVE LIFE'S TURMOIL by James Allen
  • HYPNOSIS SOFTWARE by Bryan M Knight

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
No sign ups required here. It is a PDF file of the original 1937 book, which is now part of the public domain. There are a lot of copies of this e-book out there that are not part of the Public Domain, but the original still is.

The James Allen Free Library
There is a lot of interesting reading here and as the titles are in the public domain, you are free to share them. There are no sign ups required, either.

The Science of Getting Rich
Although the 1910 original version of The Science of Getting Rich book is in the public domain, this free ebook is not. It is a derived work from www.thesecret.tv and contains an introductory note from Rhonda Byrne. You may use this personally but not share it with others.

The Art of Money Getting or Golden Rules for Making Money by P.T. Barnum
I saw this book recommended by someone in a forum that I belong to. The gentleman suggested that it was law of attraction based. I'm not sure that this little ebook fits that description very accurately but it looks like a short and interesting, or at least amusing, read. This link takes you to a Project Gutenberg page.

Happy reading! I had planned to put more on here but wow, it takes longer to find legally free publications than I thought, especially when trying to avoid having to part with an email address to access them. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more and will do another post when I find some. Meantime, enjoy these 5 free law of attraction ebook links.


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