Urgent Eye Surgery Fundraiser for Self-Help Author

Urgent fundraising to save eyesight
Hi, Human Angels:

This is just a short Saturday morning post to ask your help in circulating Chris' fundraiser. His eyesight is getting steadily worse and he needs surgery in both eyes urgently. The scheduled date for his first of four surgeries is coming up fast! - October 22nd.

Please spread the word to help drum up donations so this self-help author can finish his series of books that will benefit many other people.

If you want to check out his work, his site is linked in the medical expenses needed description on the YouCaring page listed below. The video below will also give you an idea of what Chris is trying to accomplish.

If you can afford to make a financial contribution, that's wonderful and I thank you for helping a friend. If you can't, please take a second to email or post a link to his YouCaring page.

Thanks so much for caring and sharing! You have my undying gratitude and promise to return the favour if you need it!

Urgent Eye Surgery so I can finish my Self Improvement books | Medical Expenses - YouCaring.com

A video about Chris' mission and first book in his 7 book self-help series.

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