3+ Free Online Gratitude Journals

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Gratitude Journaling
Most people know by now that a daily dose of gratitude goes a long way to improving our relationship with ourselves, our environment and other people. It also helps to draw more abundance into our lives. And let's face it - if we're feeling grateful, we are unlikely to be grumpy or sad.

I personally love writing in a book. My collection of beautiful hardcover notebooks are pretty and they inspire me to add beautiful notations of the things that I am grateful for. Some days those are small
things, like the sound of crickets (I love that!) and other days my gratitude extends to far bigger, more life-impacting aspects. I'm sure you can say the same thing. Seems to me, that things ebb and flow with gratefulness, as they do with all else.

Like I said, I personally prefer a physical book but I also recognize that we are living in the digital age, so have scouted out some online journals for you to take advantage of. Normally, I would save these for a Friday Freebie but I just didn't want to wait. That's my only excuse. :)

3 Online Gratitude Journals

The following are sites that offer these journals online at no charge.


This easy-on-the-eyes website boasts 100% free use. Once you register, the site will send you a question each night, asking you to list 3-5 things that you are grateful that day. Your answers are then saved to your personal journal.


Learn Myself claims that people who express gratitude are 25% happier than lotto winners. That's a darn good reason to engage in the practice, I think. Although you can use your journal as often as you want, they recommend 5 minutes per week. Quality is better than quantity.


This one is slightly different, in that they send you up to 4 emails or sms/text messages a day to remind you to count your blessings. All you have to do is reply with you're grateful for and it is saved to your journal. You will also get a weekly roundup of your entries.

Mobile Journaling

Just to show you that I am not completely out of touch, I'm including some mobile gratitude journal sources for Android users. I'm giving you one page link but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a number of free choices that will allow you to express what you're feeling, even when you're on the go.

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

I am happy and grateful that my readers and I have so many free tools to help us express our gratitude and become happier and more abundant.

Please use and enjoy what works best for you. If you want to share these resources with someone, go right ahead. You may just be helping them find a peace and joy that they have never known before. Those are things I wish for you. I hope you are filled to the brim!

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