Friday Freebie - The Metaphysical Secret - Law of Attraction Movie

The Metaphysical Secret - Law of Attraction Movie
This Friday, I'm offering you a freebie gem that I found on YouTube, one that I didn't know existed. I really have to get out more. :)

You'll see some familiar faces in this film, teachers from The Secret. This time around Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Joe Vitale are featured, as well as marketing guru Jay Abraham, Millionaire Mind author and speaker T. Harv Eker, and several other new faces to what we've seen before.

While The Secret primarily focused on how our
thoughts affect our manifestations, The Metaphysical Secret stresses the action side of things. It also runs through Laws other than the one of Attraction, i.e. The Law of Rhythm, The Law of Vibration, etc. There were at least a couple of segments that really gave me pause for thought. I consider that a shift and welcome those interesting new opportunities to adjust my perspective of things.

Actually, I think of this as an accompaniment to the original film, a natural 'next step' in the process of moving forward and understanding the role of love, gratitude, clarity, energy alignment and knowing our absolute deserving of all things important to us. *sigh* Really liked this one!

While the video quality and sound seemed fine on my laptop, I did find the foreign language subtitles (which appear through the whole movie) a bit annoying, especially when English subtitles were shown underneath them. It only happens with one speaker but I really wanted to know what he was saying! Unfortunately, the translation was covered up with the subtitles. Oh well, the subtitles did not interfere anywhere else.

So, without further adieu, I invite you to kick back, grab a glass or mug of your favourite beverage and enjoy The Metaphysical Secret - Law of Attraction movie. It has a lot of valuable information, insights and tips to offer us.

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