Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Energy

Strong, orderly pile of stones to represent a strong energy vibration
Raise your vibrational frequency

Though I'm sure some must exist, I don't personally know of anyone who would not like to increase their energy and raise their vibration. After all, what's not to want?

The lightness, the feeling present, healthy and alert. And there is the added bonus of improved manifesting. Again, who's not going to want that?

As with all things Law of Attraction, various teachers offer different suggestions for raising your vibration. I've mentioned in other posts that I believe what works for one person, may not for another. You have to choose what resonates with you, what feels right.

For that reason, I scouted out a few different perspectives for you to have a look at and consider.

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency Through Diet

On the Kora Organics site, author Lianda talks about lighting up her food. The idea is to raise the energy in the food you eat before you eat it. That way, you are actually ingesting food that will raise your vibration from the inside out. This is especially crucial if higher vibrational foods are not at hand.
You can read the full article on the Kora site.

LiveStrong has an article listing foods that have higher vibrational values. As well as discussing various specific foods and food groups, the author also suggests raising the vibration of what you eat. When I read that in at least two different places, I have to think it's a good idea. Doing this certainly won't hurt and the potential benefit could be amazing. If this one interests you, you can learn more at LiveStrong.com.

Energetic Variety Pack

The Personal Development Coach site has a fun guide of Unusual Ways to Raise Vibration by Simona Rich. This is a strategy that anyone can use, simple things that can make a different, regardless of how slight. For example, the colors you wear, your pet, pleasure past symbols and more.

If you go to the PresleyLove.com website, you'll find an interesting and varied list of everyday ideas that you can easily use to raise your vibration and energy. The article is called, How to Raise Your Vibration and it is full of great, easy-to-follow tips.

The Practical Approach

LifeandLove.tv takes a more serious approach to the subject of raising vibrational frequency with this list of ten different, very practical ways of increasing your energy. It offers a pragmatic overview of things that all of us should consider incorporating into our lives as a matter of routine.

Spirit Connection

Beliefnet author, Karen Noe, puts a different spin on things (compared to the above) in this slideshow article, entitled 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration. It provides you with ten steps to align with the higher frequency required to communicate with your sources, angels and departed love ones.

Energy Technique to Raise Your Vibration video by Carol Tuttle

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Higher Consciousness and Heal

Note: things get rolling at about the 1:30 mark. I found it a bit hard on the ears but it is supposed to help

It's Nice to Share

If any of these ways help you raise your vibration and energy, please share with someone else who could benefit from them. Always make sure that they are interested in exploring the subject before passing along. Never insist people try anything, even if you know it might well help them. That accomplishes nothing and can alienate people. If they're ready, they'll try it. If not, that's okay.

I hope you enjoy the process of increasing your vibratory rate.

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