Is Your Home and Geopathic Stress Responsible for Your Problems? Diamond Dowsing by Marie Diamond

Diamond Dowsing and Feng Shui by Marie Diamond
Diamond Dowsing / Feng Shui by Marie Diamond
You remember Marie Diamond, don't you? She is the Feng Shui Master that was featured in The Secret.

Marie is a very busy and well-respected consultant, author, event speaker and more. She gives radio interviews, has countless articles and interviews online and has even given feng shui advice to Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor. Marie Diamond knows her stuff.

While I was surfing for a particular online radio station, I got sidetracked and came upon some videos about Diamond Dowsing. I'd never heard of such a thing, so was intrigued.

This is not a new course by Marie Diamond but it is new to me. I've been using feng shui on and off for years and am really interested in it, so I enjoy the idea of mixing it with Law of Attraction. They happen to be two of my favourite things.

We know that everything has energy, a vibration, so naturally, the items and their placement in your home do, too. When you and your home are harmoniously aligned, your life will flow much better.

In the second video below, Marie says something that may give you pause for thought...

"...the problem is not always in you, the problem sometimes is in your home"

How do you know if it's the house causing you issues? If you're stuck or struggling despite your best efforts, there's a possibility that your home or office is at fault. This is due to Geopathic stress emanating from the earth. And energy flows from the core of the earth, up and through your home and everything in it.

Geopathic stress, negative energy vortex, interference it what you will, it's bad news for us mentally, emotionally and physically. It can cause a host of problems for anyone, especially for kids and sensitives.

The good news is that Marie started spreading the word and created a home study course called Diamond Dowsing, which involves using rods to assess, locate and cure negative vortexes. The last video here gives you a quick illustration of the process.

To sum up: if you're having problems that you just can't seem to shake, perhaps it's the effect of geopathic stress on your environment. Certainly something to consider, especially when there's a fix.

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