Do Angels Have a Place in Law of Attraction?

angel wings and halo, do angels and loa mix?
Do angels and LOA mix?
I've thought long and hard (years) about whether or not talking to angels is in contrast to Law of Attraction principals. If you commune with the angelic realm, are you denying your own energetic power by redirecting it outside yourself, sort of using a 'middle man' rather than going straight to the source?

Just recently, I finally made a decision regarding this subject. One that works for me, anyway.

If you feel differently, I'd be interested to hear your perspective. Here's mine:

And the Verdict is...
The short answer (in my opinion) is yes, angels do have a place in Law of Attraction. I came to that conclusion after considering the question from every which way.
Back in the day, loooong before The Secret, all the online information that I read dealt with angels, spirit guides, chakras and Feng Shui. I loved everything I read on these topics. I didn't even feel terribly confused.

However, after the release of The Secret, all hell broke loose, if you'll pardon the expression. Suddenly and ever since, a bazillion programs and teachers of LOA/New Thought/New Age have sprung up all over the place. Naturally, to stand out from the crowd, each had to be at least slightly different somehow. And my confusion began.

Which Way is It?
So, one highly thought of teacher says things are one way, another well respected one says the opposite. For example - teacher A says our purpose for being here is to learn lessons, while teacher B claims we are not. So who's right? You see what I mean? You may even have been through this yourself.

If you believe in angels, are you detracting from a belief in your own source's ability to help and guide you? Or worse, splitting your energy in a way that keeps you from that promised bright, shiny future of wonderful manifestations? Teacher A votes yes, for teacher B it's a no.

Angel or No Angel?
Okay, so this leads me back to my original question. Do angels have a place in Law of Attraction? Bet you thought I forgot that's what we're talking about. Nope, just clarifying the source of my original confusion on the topic.

I think that angels are a gathering of energy from the ethers. Not rocket science so far but what about this theory: when you talk to angels, you are actually targeting specific universal energies within the realm, the ones that most closely match what you're seeking help with, offering gratitude and appreciation about, etc. Think of it like targeted online traffic. Add to that the fact that we all are connected with everyone and everything and that makes those angels aspects of us.

Does that mean that when we talk to angels, we're really talking to ourselves. Maybe. I think probably, we're having a discussion with another extension of our source. Which means, I guess, that yes, we are talking to ourselves but a higher vibrating, farther seeing, wiser aspect. We get to tap a deep well of love and knowledge that's already there but that we haven't learned how to access directly yet.

In my opinion, that makes angels an extremely important part of this vast universe. They are our connection to that which we cannot reach in any given moment. They are our dealers in help and energy, our network and the greatest confidants you could ever ask for.

Reaching this conclusion has made me really happy. I love angels and am happy to know that I'm not messing up my vibration by splitting my energy between them and Law of Attraction. In fact, I have come to believe that angels are an integral LOA tool. It's good to know that they can beneficially work hand-in-hand for a great life and improved manifesting.

But that's just my opinion. :-)

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