Remembering Your Deserved Perfect Start in Life

You probably don't remember your first year or two of life, so let me give you a little refresher. Listen up because I really want to remind you of your perfect start in life. It's important.


Life as you know it now began the day you entered the world, wailing your discontent at leaving a warm womb, or perhaps quietly curious about your new surroundings. You were the smallest human in the room yet you were the center of the universe and you knew it.

You expected and trusted that your needs would be met

You KNEW How to Communicate Your Needs and Wants

Although you hadn't mastered language yet, you had the clear ability to get a message across to others. Whether you were hungry, tired, wanted a toy, needed a diaper change or anything else, you never hesitated to ask for what you wanted. You knew you had the right to do so.

Your emotions flowed freely when you were a baby. You had an amazing smile and a beautiful, contagious laugh that anyone around you could enjoy. And when you were unhappy or angry, everyone within earshot got that message, loud and clear. You never hesitated to communicate your feelings the only way you knew how and you expected them to be honoured.

a baby's eyes, full of wonder
What a world of wonder!

Wow! You Had the Perception that this is an Exhilarating, Safe World 

What an interesting place you came into! There were so many things to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. You were full of wonder and an insatiable curiousity to explore this new world. Nothing could stop you from reaching for your goal to revel in a new discovery. An adult sometimes would intervene but still, you had your eye on that pretty bug or interesting thing on a tippy table and you put your all into attempting to get it. There was no such thing as fear of getting hurt. There was never any doubt that you could have that thing you wanted so much.

baby getting into fridge
So many options!
Parents and other, bigger people could stop you from tasting dirt or the cat's tail but that didn't quell your driving need to try new things as often as possible. You may have been one of those babies so engaged in wonder at the humans and world around you, that you sort of put walking, talking, or potty training to the side of your to-do list. You knew you had plenty of time, only did things when and as you wanted to and no one could force you to do anything like that. Schedules were for others, your job was to learn, grow and experience your physical existence. Oh yes, and you had FUN!

What a Perfect Body!

As far your body went, you loved it. It was the perfect vehicle for traveling a lifetime in. Of course, it took awhile before you realized that you could control it but that didn't matter. There were plenty of interesting things to take in until then. And boy, once you discovered that you could pull a tasty little toe to your mouth, well that was an exciting day. Not for one second did you have a negative thought about your body. You knew it was perfect, just the way it was.

Mmmm, toes are good!

 What Happened?

You came here to love and be loved. You came with that pure expectation and with full knowledge of your perfection. However, very few people still hold that in their thoughts or vibration. Life got in the way and although most adults are well-meaning, there is a good chance that they tainted your view of yourself and your innate right to give and receive love. You started believing that you are not perfect, that you are not lovable.

Now that you are one of the adults, what do you choose to believe about yourself? What will you teach your babies to believe about themselves?

It's easy to forget that we deserve our rights and perfection. Afterall, we've had decades of practice. But, if you find it helps, try to remember that you were born perfect....and you still are perfect. No one can ever take that away from you but you can give it away by choosing to believe otherwise. Please don't.

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