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Lies and Intrigue in the Food Industry
I realize that the photo caption to the left of this text is negative but hey, that is essentially what the Australian documentary, Hungry for Change, is about.

It opens our eyes to reveal how the food industry gets you craving their product and what it does to you physically. You will probably be shocked and horrified to learn of the intentional manipulation of ingredients and ad copy used.

What you see in this film may leave you feeling quite disgusted but once you've been informed of what's really happening with the food you eat, you are given healthy solutions that can make a world of difference in your life.

According to this movie, making different choices means no more dieting, better energy and health. I don't need to lose weight but the energy and health aspects have me wanting very much to see Hungry for Change.

This documentary is endorsed by Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. There's a reason for that. There is some stellar information here.

I'm posting the official trailer and part one below. If you continue scrolling down past those, you'll find the link to sign up for the free online screening event, which includes not only the movie but also detox recipes and live Q and A. All of this takes course March 21st to 31st and does require you to register.

To sign up for this important free event, go to the Hungry for Change registration site.

And please, if you know someone who is struggling with weight or health issues, please share this life-changing information with them, then set your own intention to really exam the way that you eat.

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