Friday Freebie - Success vs Freedom and How to Get Them Both eBook

  This freebie comes to you via Marie Forleo, from an     interview she did with Dr. Catharine Collautt for
   MarieTV. You can watch the YouTube on the left, or    click the link above to read about it.   

   At the end of the interview, a free ebook was offered
   to anyone interested in moving forward. It is an
   interesting 21 page guide entitled, Success vs
   Freedom and How to Have Both. It was written in
   response to a question posed to Marie Forleo and
   offers some great insight.

 In short, this little book may be just what you've been looking for. It addresses feeling stuck and how to move past limiting beliefs that keep you spinning your wheels. Think of it as a freedom tool.

Nothing fancy here, simply a PDF with the straight facts and instruction:  Success vs Freedom and How to Have Both free e-book.

As always, I hope this is helpful. Have a terrific weekend!

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