Friday Freebie - The Secret Diamond Feng Shui by Marie Diamond

Quick guide feng shui for your home, office and life
After Thursday's spotlight on Marie Diamond, I thought it made sense to share her free ebook with you. The Secret Diamond Feng Shui is only a nine page PDF but it is packed with a fair bit of guidance.

The premise of this book is simple:  Six Steps to Create Happiness and Wealth in Your Life

In my opinion, Diamond does an excellent job of giving you a crash course in how to bring in elements to your home or office that help make your wishes come true. There is even a section that tells you how to figure out what you want.

With the publication being so short, you wouldn't expect to get much that you can use but I think she's done a great "quickie" job that could definitely help you get started.

The book is a fast read, so what have you got to lose? It won't take much time away from your weekend and it may just be the best motivation you need to start to turn something around in your life.

Sorry, there is no cover for this book, so no picture for you.

Hope you enjoy The Secret Diamond Feng Shui

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