Notice the Successes You've Manifested or Get More Gum on Your Shoe

Notice those successes that you've manifested!
You've been really hard at finding and fulfilling your intentions, haven't you? Are you remembering to notice your manifested successes along the way, big and small?

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The reason that I'm bringing this to your attention is because it's easy to miss things. You can be so focused on a desire or intention that you overlook the fact that you already have it. I know this is possible because I've done it myself. I'm embarrassed to say, more than once.

There are times when things show up but they look or arrive differently than what we thought they would. We don't even realize that the Universe has filled our order, that we've actually manifested something we wanted. Like I said, you may not notice because you thought it would be one way but it arrived in a slightly different form or fashion.

I don't know about you but when I notice that I've missed the delivery of a desire, I'm usually just sitting quietly. I look around and then it hits me! Six months ago, I asked for _______ and I got it, it's right there!

Usually, I chuckle and shake my head because yes, that thing/event/person is there, however I forgot to request some of the finer details that would make it perfect for me. But you can't argue that the Law of Attraction delivered, when the evidence is right there in front of your face, waiting for you to notice.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I'll give you an example. When I needed a place to live, I asked for and envisioned an open concept and granite counter tops. Well, a very generous person offered me a place to live at a great price and guess what. It's a small open concept and has granite looking countertops.

The picture in my mind was of a large open area and real granite, so I scarcely realized that I'd gotten what I asked for....just not exactly how I thought it would be. I think I lived here more than a month before it hit me. I'm not at all disappointed though, I'm grateful and taking that as a sign that I'm energetically closer to my ideal desire. In fact, I'd say that I'm very close.

Another instance is when I wanted a new car about a year and a half ago. Oh, I got one, alright. Because I lent my existing car to a friend who encountered a deer while driving it. Thankfully, my friend wasn't hurt but the car was totaled and I had to get a new one. 

Not exactly what I had in mind while mulling over vehicle models. However, I did get my new (to me) car. It wasn't until I stopped bemoaning the loss of the old one before I could recognize that my wish had been granted and fulfilled. I did the palm to forehead slap. My happy dance was a little lackluster but I managed to say a silent thank-you.

The Good News, Also the Gum on Your Shoe Part

magic lamp with blue genie coming out
Your wish is the magic genie's command
Photo credit: Andre Apelqvist
Of course, it doesn't have to be big things that escape your notice. You crave some gum and end up with a wad stuck to the bottom of your shoe; you really hope that guy you met the other night calls and he does - to ask for your best friend's number.

While you were very (painfully?) aware of these occurrences, what may have passed you by is the realization that the genie granted your wish. You got gum and Mr. (not so) Wonderful phoned you. You're good!

Try not to be too upset. It's the Law of Attraction at work. Universe brought you what you wanted in accordance to your vibration. All is as it should be and you can be encouraged at these evidences of your power as a creator. You are a success!

Now, how to improve the results?

Celebrate Those Ah-ha's

Okay, so maybe you missed a few things in your quest to become a master manifester. So what? It's never too late to notice and celebrate those successes. Let the Universe know how grateful you are. Acknowledge that you accomplished that manifestation and can do it again. Heck, why not engage in what Abraham calls a Rampage of Appreciation for that manifested desire? Don your attitude of gratitude!

Source does not use linear time like we do. Past, present, future - those timelines mean nothing. Anytime you express your appreciation and thanks is the right time. No stress at all.

Besides, joyous celebration brings you more of what you want. :)

So, take the time to look around and notice the successes that you've manifested, even the little ones. You may find a few you weren't even aware had arrived. If what you see is close to something you wanted, take that as encouragement that you've moved closer to the perfect version. Please accept my congratulations, I'm happy for you!

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