International Association of Law of Attraction Professionals (iaLOAp)

international association of law of attraction professionals homepage
I think it is safe to say that Law of Attraction as an industry now has its sea legs and is starting flourish. As an established business model, there is still a separateness in the individuality of trainers and coaches. Apart from forums, there really has not been an industry standard or well known organization for LOA professionals, at least as far I know. That has changed.

Quite by accident, I stumbled across the iaLOAp website. The initials stand for International Association of Law of Attraction professionals.

Membership Has its Privileges

Membership in the iaLOAp provides you with a host of benefits including, training, support, tools, networking, mastermind groups, study groups, marketing opportunities and access to lot of other resources. Experts conduct monthly calls, as well.

To ensure people know that you are a member in good standing, the iaLOAp sends you a lapel pin and provides you with a member logo for your website.

The Costs of Becoming an International Association of Law of Attraction Professionals Member

Right now, you can join the iaLOAp for either $197 for one year, or $298 for two years. According to the registration page, these are special pre-launch prices, so they may increase at any time.

Just a note here. That is not an affiliate link, I just wanted to bring this to your attention, in case it is of value to you. If you have an LOA business, or are going for your Law of Attraction Practitioner certification, belonging to a recognized industry-related organization may be of benefit.

Greater Critical Mass?

I often think of James Redman's talk of critical mass in his book, The Celestine Prophecy. That has certainly happened! Yet while so, so many of us read, talk and gather online, we've been in a way, isolated in groups. Will having an international organization unite individuals and groups to result in a culmination of extraordinary energy, intent and cohesiveness? How about an increase in industry recognition? Only time will tell, of course. Personally, I think it can only be positive.

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