3 Friday Freebies - LOA on Android, Clearing Law of Attraction Video, Missing Secret Workbook

Seems like I've steered you toward a number of free LOA ebooks, so thought I'd do something different for this week's Friday freebie. Starting with offering 3 instead of one.

Law of Attraction Android App

I don't have an Android phone but I know that tons of people do. You may or may not already have an app for LOA inspiration but just in case you don't, here is one you can download for free from Google Play.

It appears as though (judging by one of the comments) you will have ads accompany the information but that's how they keep it free.

main menu of free law of attraction app for androidlaw of attraction quote screen on android phone

"The Secret" Law of Attraction Clearing Meditation Video by Pat O'Bryan

I'm including a video from YouTube because this one is so beautiful. It is a sunrise meditation with soothing music. You'll want to keep your eyes open, as there are words that come up on the screen as the music plays.

The video has some great comment reviews, with one person saying that they got emotional while watching. For me, the music alone was enough to do that. This truly is a must-see.

A word of warning: Depending on where you are emotionally, you may want to grab a tissue before viewing. :-)

Missing Secret Workbook by Joe Vitale

Okay, I snuck an ebook in here but this one is not strictly reading. Joe Vitale asks questions and offers exercises and methods to use the Law of Attraction to easily get what you want every time. Yup, workbook means there's work involved. Well worth a little effort for the results you desire, don't you think?

As you can see, the document is housed on Scribd. You can read it for free. Downloading costs you. There is nothing stopping you from doing the exercises on a piece of paper or in a word processor.

Hope you enjoy these freebies. Have a terrific weekend!

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