3 Tips for Practicing New Thoughts

Practicing New Thoughts
Last Monday, we looked at ways to find your purpose and intentions. Not an easy thing, I know, but I also know that it can be done, that you can do it. Even if you're still floundering with it, don't give up but don't stress about it, either. Surrender is okay, it's good. Feeling hopeless is not going to work favorably for you. The good news is that you can start to turn things around today, simply by practicing new thoughts.

New Thoughts Set New Patterns

It makes perfect sense that if our old thoughts created our old reality, then new thoughts will result in a new one. Basic Law of Attraction, right? A simple premise that we humans with busy minds struggle with. The following suggestions may be of help.


Make an Intention to Be Kind to Yourself Everyday = More Receptive

Most people do not love and honor themselves enough, yet it essential to realize how wonderful and deserving you are. If you do not radiate a vibration of greatness, great things can't come to you. Or if they do, they are not likely to stay. I'm not talking about conceit. I'm referring to seeing yourself as Spirit does.

You are an incredible being, connected to (and affecting) every other being, contributing to the Universe, just by having a physical experience, just by being you. You are remarkable. Believe it, it is true.

When you love you, you are more relaxed and at ease, more open. You act and think in self-respecting ways. That is what you'll vibrate, too. Confidence to retrain your thinking brain and belief in getting the results you desire will be much easier because of your increased faith in your ability. There will be no doubt that you can take new thoughts and make them your own, make them work for you. Oh, the inspirations you'll receive!

As you start to tend better to yourself, improvements in self care are inevitable. You'll eat healthier, perhaps exercise more, engage in brain games...could be anything that makes you feel better and everything you do will likely be the result of inspired action. From this place, you are more open to both resetting your thought patterns and to receiving in general.

If you have trouble getting started, just do the best you can. It's okay to start small. Try appreciating what you like about you most and add one new thing each week. Relish it to the fullest. Above all, be kind to yourself every single day and focus on how wonderful it is that you are changing your thoughts and your life.

Word Change and Elimination

There are some words in the English language that we'd be better off not knowing:

- I can't
- I should (or shouldn't)
- Try
- But

Just a few there, you get the idea. Dump the wishy-washy and negative words from your vocabulary and replace them with strong, positive ones like:  I can, I do, I will. It's a good idea to permanently drop words like never, or but. Never slams doors shut and when you insert the word but into a sentence, your brain focuses on what is said after the word, "but."

Affirmation Mania

This has been a HUGE help for me and works pretty quickly. You select an appropriate affirmation or two and repeat them constantly throughout the day. I'm talking hundreds of times daily until it 'takes'. I find that short, snappy sentences work best, i.e. "I am completely safe," "I am divinely protected at all times,"I easily adopt better feeling thoughts." That type of thing. If they're longer, I trip over or forget some of the words after a few minutes.

Honestly, this has worked for me on more than one occasion. I've used it to feel better about myself, as well as to banish one of my fears. If the "bad" thoughts ever start to come back, I simply start the affirmation(s) again and - poof! - it's gone once more and with only a few minutes of repetitions. It's a very low maintenance system once you've done the initial work.

A side benefit is that when you repeat the same sentence over and over again, it sort of settles in your mind like a mantra and you forget to think about other things. You are focused solely on the new thought. Try it for yourself. It costs nothing and I think you'll notice a difference.

I find that I can get a lot of repetitions in after I crawl into bed and am waiting to fall asleep. Walking is another good opportunity but I caution you to be careful about doing this while driving. It has a sort of hypnotic quality to it, which is probably why it works so well.

By the way, this is a technique taught by Louise Hay.

Additional Resource

In You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay talks a lot about changing thoughts and patterns in order to find the path you're looking for, one that you'll be much happier on. From using physical clues to affirmations to alternative healing methods, Louise comprehensively covers the topic of transforming your life. If you have not read this book, it may be worth it to you to check it out. It's an excellent book that I consult often and if you're having some trouble with getting your mindset where you wish it to be, this could be a valuable resource for you.

There you have it, the three tips for practicing new thoughts that I use most and can confirm have helped me. If you have some good ones you are willing to share, please be sure to leave them in the comment section for others to read.

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