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Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret
Are you on Joe Vitale's mailing list? I have been for sometime now and was super excited at the last email I got from him. He and NLP master, Steve G. Jones, are running a sale on their Certified Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner course.

Normally, this training course goes for $675 but is being offered (for an unspecified limited time, according to the message) for only $10. That's a 99% savings. Great news if you want to get your LOA certification. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Course Details

This training course is run through Joe Vitale's and Steve G. Jones' company, Global Sciences Foundation. Your enrollment provides you with five text books covering all of the basics of Law of Attraction and energy, along with the how-to's of implementation and shifting. You can study the material at your own pace but it must take you a minimum of three weeks and cannot take longer than one year. If you have questions, you are allowed to ask them by email.

You can advance to higher levels of certification, which I imagine they hope you will do upon completion of the basic course. This may be something you want to consider if you are planning to become an expert in this emerging field of study.

Certification - Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner

Upon completion of the course, you write a test. If you get a mark of 75% or higher, you receive your digital certificate to print out. If not, you need to rewrite the test. There will be no physical certificate mailed to you but a high quality printout that is framed nicely can still look impressive when hung on a wall for your clients to see. It can certainly add an extra element of trust, as well as expertise.

Additional Features

Once you've received your certification, your name is added to the Global Sciences Foundation's directory of Certified LOA Practitioners. You are also allowed lifetime support. What, exactly, that entails, I can't really say but suspect it means that you can ask for advice.

Closing Thoughts

Certified Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner sounds professional, exciting and a great idea for anyone who wants to start or continue a business in the LOA training field. But, I couldn't help but wonder, what about the people who don't want to start a business? Not everyone in the world does.

I spent about half an hour searching for Certified LOA Practitioner jobs but didn't find any. I thought sure that some natural or alternative healing therapy clinics would be on the look out for an industry specific person to join their staff. Perhaps that's a wave of the future. I hope so, I think it's a great idea.

Even if you don't plan to use a course like this in your professional life, it may be worth taking it, simply for yourself. Imagine being tutored by these two gentlemen then decide if it will help you master Law of Attraction for your personal use. To manifest your sweetest desires. You can't really beat that, can you?

** I have no affiliation with either company or link in this post. Nor with their owners.

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