A Rich History of Being Poor

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Is your energy aligned with rich or poor?
Like a lot of people, I have a lifelong, familial training in financial lack. In trying to light-heartedly put a positive spin on it, I say that I have a rich history of being poor. Sounds better, don't you think?

I come from a long line of folks who worked very long and hard and yet never had any money to spare. Getting curtains for the kitchen window when I was a kid was a family goal that we all chipped our weekly change into a jar to get. When my sister and I found a penny, it had to go into the jar instead of getting us three of those little blackballs that I liked so much. It took us a couple of months of saving as I recall, but we did get a pair, though far from the best and not the best looking, either.

To their credit, my ancestors never went into debt. Only 2 had mortgages because the rest rented. My parents, grandparents (except for one grandma) and great grandparents all quit school at a young age and were self-taught in their professions. They also raised children (my parents) during the depression.

My paternal grandfather had to quit school at the tender age of 8 to help support his family. He became first a tobacco farmer and then a successful restaurant owner. I only remember my paternal grandparents taking one vacation - ever. My strongest memory of them is working every single day and night.

Similar story re my maternal grandfather. He emigrated from England to Canada as a young man and taught himself from books how to repair boilers. He became head of maintenance in a hospital. I'm not sure if that grandpa took a vacation or not as I didn't see him all that often. I do know that by the time he retired, he had become ill from a boiler accident a decade before. He only got to enjoy a few months in retirement before passing away.

I won't go any further with the family history, this is enough to give you the idea and not much has been different with my parents....or my siblings...or the following generation.

Is it any wonder that so many of us have a challenge when it comes to finances? When I was little, everyone I knew was in the same boat - neighbours, friends, acquaintances. It was just how the world was to me.

So, if you have a similar financial upbringing, you share my challenge of changing the very ingrained belief that you must work very hard, long hours for very little return and probable illness. I have worked on this many, many times before without realizing until today just how my perception and belief came into being.

Abraham says that a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking. Today, I pledge to myself to make more progress than ever before in choosing to believe in ease and prosperity. I hope that all of you are able to find a way to move your vibration from a place of lack to a higher level of abundance.

It will be so nice to say that we have a prosperous now, rather than a rich history of being poor. I like that a lot better.

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