Energy Alignment - Free 10 Minute Session

I sometimes get emails from Elyse Hope Killoran at Choosing Prosperity. A couple of years ago, I participated in the site's Playing Prosperity game (which I highly recommend!) and opted-in to receive communication from the site.

The email that I received this morning announced a free 10 minute energy alignment session via telephone call-in, on March 5th at noon ET. This could be extremely beneficial, I think. In case anyone would like to take advantage, here is the announcement of the energy alignment event.

According to Elyse, "Listeners will be able to "feel" the callers' vibrational shifts."
Note: If you are interested in receiving one of the live
10-minute energy alignments, email Elyse at
You can call in to Elyse on March 5th, 2009 and listen to the BlogTalkRadio on the Elyse's blog, or come back and enjoy the broadcast here (click the play button on the above widget).

Oh, and if you'd like to play the Prosperity Game (it's free) go to

Enjoy and prosper, my friends!

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