Manifesting Fun - Manifest for the Love of It!

Photo of a flower that I manifested for fun
Manifesting Fun - Manifest for the Love of It!
Manifesting fun can, of course, mean that you create or attract something you find fun to do. But that's not entirely what I'm talking about.

Manifesting for the Love of It

Mostly, I'm referring to exercising your manifesting muscles for the sheer joy of it. For the fun of doing so.

I get a big kick out of manifesting little things that make me feel good:  a Tim Hortons' coffee; a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly and flatter my figure; some flowers for my garden.

I've playfully attracted those things and more, all without leaving the house. People brought them to me, which was a happy side-bonus.

The coffee arrived the same day via my old boss, who dropped in for a visit. The jeans took a week. They didn't fit a friend, so she gave them to me. The healthiest, most beautiful flowers I've ever had showed up in about four days, a gift from one of my daughters.

I had told absolutely no one that I wanted those things. I wanted to test my manifesting skills and enjoy the surprises bestowed upon me by a loving Universe. That's all part of the manifesting fun and something that you can do, too.

Honing Your Manifesting Skills

Start small. It is far easier to practice attracting a cup of coffee than it is to go from debt-ridden to winning the lottery. That would likely be too big a leap and difficult for you to believe with your whole being that you'll get.

Decide on something you want and think about how good it is to have that thing in your possession. A cup of coffee is easy, just imagine how hot and flavourful it is. How good it tastes. You don't have to spend loads of time doing this, I didn't. I simply decided something like this:  "Oh, would I ever love a cup of Timmies today!" I felt, as well as said that statement with some enthusiasm. Then I let it go and went about my business. Then, I got it. :)

I didn't worry about how it was going to come, or how long it would take. These were small things, so I had no doubt that I would get them. That's the secret ingredient. Complete and utter trust that the Universe will come through for you.

It was basically the same with the jeans and flowers, although with the flowers, I did spend some time thinking about colour and placement. Yes, I got the colour I wanted, albeit a different shade than what I was envisioning. Doesn't matter, they're beautiful.

As a side note, I should mention that I had no attachment to these things or the outcome. If for some reason they hadn't showed up, it wouldn't have bothered me. They were just things that I thought I'd like to have. How much bearing did that have on the outcome? I can't say for certain but I think that when you are relaxed and not getting in the way of things, they can come to you easier.

I make it habit to engage in manifesting fun often. I don't try to make quantum leaps, even though I do have bigger things that I want. I'm sure the Universe is very aware of my desires and has already lined everything up for me. They're just waiting for me to align with them.

That's another benefit to stretching your manifestation muscles. All that practice allows you to gradually ramp things up, increase your confidence and belief in the fact that you CAN have what you want. It won't happen overnight but once you prove to yourself that you can do it and start seeing results, you'll feel good.

And you know what Joe Vitale says about that in The Secret
I hope you'll try to have some manifesting fun, yourself. Seriously, start today. Right now. Then let us know how you made out. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for this awesome post, lots of good tips on manifesting :)


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