4 Minutes to Greater Inner Peace

4 minutes to greater inner peace law of attraction meditation
Improved inner peace in only 4 mins. a day
We live in a busy world, which can sometimes make it hard for us to find time to take a deep breath and just be with ourselves. But we need to.

That stillness that comes from finding inner peace, even if only for a few moments, contributes to our well being and problem-solving. It gives our body a chance to de-stress and our mind can stop its chatter long enough to let some new, inspired thought or intuition in.

Our spiritual practices, affirmations, visualizations, etc. often take a back seat and can quickly slide away as we deal with family issues, work, and other obligations. Sadly, many give up their meditations and other Law of Attraction disciplines because they are frustrated and tired. It's completely understandable but counter intuitive.

Shifting Your Consciousness 4x3

Do you know that you can shift your awareness and initiate changes in as little as four minutes a day for three weeks in a row? You can do that, right? Even if you're incredibly busy - lock yourself in the bathroom, sit in the car an extra few minutes...steal a few minutes each day. It's important, it really is, so set an intention to give yourself just a bit of peace and tranquility.

To help you out, I'm embedding a video by Jafree Ozwald, from Enlightened Beings below. The images and music are really pretty and can help you forget other things as you focus on the film and its contents.

About this 4 minute meditation:
"An enlightening meditation journey that will shift your consciousness in 4 minutes bringing you more inner peace, stillness and clarity into your life. You'll start to awaken the enlightened being within you by absorbing these powerful heart opening *enlightened messages into your mind. A deep profound life transforming experience will occur for you by watching this video first thing every morning for 3 weeks in a row."  Jafree Ozwald

Please give yourself the gift of just four minutes a day that are all yours. You'll feel better and calmer for doing so.

I hope this helps you.

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