How to Find True Love Using The Law of Attraction

man and woman finding true love using the law of attraction
Attract true love, become a love magnet
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which has everyone thinking about true love. And why not? It makes the world go 'round and feels fantastic! At least, it does if you have it. Perhaps not so much if you're still searching for that special someone.

Why True Love is so Hard to Find

It doesn't have to be. If you're reading this, odds are that you have a basic or higher understanding of how Law of Attraction works.

You know that there is no such thing (really) as lack in the Universe. Still, we are human and sometimes find ourselves perpetually living old patterns and conditioning. I think we all know how well that works for us.

"There's enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That's the truth" - Michael Beckwith

See, it's not that true love is hard to find. It's our perception that finding lasting love is like looking for a needle in a haystack that trips us up.

There are a variety of reasons why we take on such misconceptions. Low self-esteem and a closed heart come immediately to mind.

"As above, so below. As within, so without." - The Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 B.C.
The Secret Epigraph

Whatever we want, wants us


The trick is to not worry about how it's going to come about and focus on feeling like you already have it. I know, easier said than done sometimes. But remember this:  Like Attracts Like. Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction guarantee it.

If you believe that you'll never find the relationship that you want, or that it's a really difficult process, well then that will be your reality. That's the plain, simple truth of it. The good news is that you can start changing that right now by adjusting your thoughts.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." - Henry Ford

 That relationship you want already exists. You just have to let it in.

Your Relationship with Yourself

This is where love starts, with your relationship with you. Do you love you as much as you want someone else to? I'm not talking about conceit, I'm referring to healthy self-respect and appreciation for the amazing person that you are. If you are sending out vibes that tell others how great you are, you will naturally attract people who feel the same way about you.

Confidence in the fact that you are worthy and deserving of love is the first step to becoming aligned with your perfect match.

Get Clear About Your Desires

Have you thought about what your ideal partner looks like? Do you know what you and your true love have in common? What does it feel like to spend time with him or her? Which activities do you participate in together? When you look in your partner's eyes, what feelings for you do you see?

Get crystal clear about what and who you want, set an intention to create your ideal relationship based on your criteria then butt out and let the Universe fill your order.

A Word of Caution

Just so you know, the manifestation of a soulmate may not happen immediately. While the Universe loves speed, your results will depend on what you have already vibrationally created and how you feel about yourself now. If you're open and feeling good about yourself, it could happen very quickly. If not, don't despair.

If you are setting out from a place of self-loathing, start moving up the emotional scale, a bit at a time, finding things that are wonderful about you, that make you a great catch for some lucky person. If you struggle with this, ask a friend to help you or start with any tiny little thing you can find, even if it's just your big toe.

I have a really nicely shaped big toe and the nail is perfect. Actually, my big toe is kind of sexy.

Get the idea? Start anywhere and milk it for all it's worth. It doesn't have to be a body part, it can be your personality or intellect. If you want to speed things up, notice that things that you dislike about yourself and begin to appreciate their good qualities. Keep expanding on your love and appreciation for them and yourself as a whole.

Just Feel Good!

As Joe Vitale in The Secret says, "It's really important that you feel good, because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good, and are able to keep bringing you up higher and higher."

Try not to be too serious about all of this. Be as light-hearted as you can, have fun with the process and at the perfect time, you will find true love. Law of Attraction guarantees it!

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