Friday Freebie - Bob Proctor Apps

Bob Proctor in The Secret
Today, I found you something portable, a way to carry Law of Attraction inspiration with you wherever you go.

Bob Proctor has been using Law of Attraction teachings since he was in his early twenties and became very well-known as one of the featured stars of the movie, The Secret.

This expert manifestor has developed apps for two different types of mobile devices that you can download onto your phone.

You can, I can't. I keep my phones until they die, so I still have one that just makes phone calls and takes pictures. :) I think I'm an anomaly and one of probably only three people on the planet who still just uses a phone to make calls. Still, I didn't want anyone to miss out on another great freebie.

The content of these apps is Six Steps to Success. Enjoy, I hope they help you.

Bob Proctor From The Secret - app download from iTunes for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Bob Proctor From The Secret - app download from Google play for Android

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