How to Change Your Intentions

multi-coloured pinwheel of intentions
Ever-changing intentions makes the world go round
What if you have a specific intention that you've been holding and working on for a long time then suddenly - you want change it? It can be a shocker when that happens.

All that time you put in on working mentally with your visualizations, the emotion that you invested, inspired actions that you took...ran out of steam. You no longer want what you originally intended to do, be or have, or more likely, you want to tweak it, make it different in some way.

Bottom line - you intended one thing, now want another. What do you do?

Some people feel that they have to carry out an original desire because they've created so much momentum on it that it's too late to turn back. Not true. It's never too late to send out a new rocket of desire, as Abraham puts it, or to form new intentions.

An altered intention is simply a new intention. If you have invested a lot of time and effort, it may take a little time to align with something radically different but rest assured that you can change your intentions, even midstream.

Something to Consider

Here's something for you to ponder:  is your unexpected dissatisfaction what is needed to lead you to what you truly desire? Is the original intention simply a stepping-stone to a new, improved one?

Think about it a little and check with your inner self.

Don't feel discouraged if you don't know the answer. Much of the time, faith is all we have when moving forward. It isn't until hindsight kicks in that we can see how one thing led us to another, which took us down the path we really wanted to travel.

Besides, you are a different person now then when you stated your original intention, even if only slightly. If you weren't, you wouldn't be in a place of wanting to change it. Makes sense, right?

That's an exciting concept, don't you think? It means that your vibrational offering has changed.

Focus is Key

Something you must do is stop worrying or stressing about changing your mind.  

What will my family and friends say and think if I suddenly decide I'm going in a different direction?

Shelve all those types of thoughts. Focus on the present and incorporate their total easy acceptance into your intention work. Feel and visualize how happy they are to see you happy. Imagine the loving support they give you.

You may have loose ends to tie up before switching to something new. Never fear, simply take care of what you have to and follow your inner compass. You're embarking on a fresh adventure. Hold that thought.

At the end of the day, we create our own lives and it's up to us to live the way we want to. Focus on what makes your heart sing then set your intention to live that song. If, along the way, that means you change your intentions then so be it. Think of it as adding another note to your song sheet.

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