A Free LOA eBook to Start the Year Off

A while back, I created a couple of posts letting readers know where to find some free Law of Attraction ebooks. Well, I've decided to add another book that costs nothing but will hopefully deliver value, or at least some entertainment.

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrand (double-click on book cover) Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrand
Ms. Behrand takes readers along on her journey to manifest a happier life, as well as $20,000. In addition to delving into visualization and the increase of faith, she explores the relationship between mental and physical, humans and nature.

You can actually read the book right here on this blog, if you want to and can see small print. Just double-click on the book cover image to gain access to the rest of the pages.

Please enjoy this free LOA ebook. I'll try to post another next week.

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