13 Intentions for 2013

Since it is now 2013, I decided that I would create thirteen intentions for the year. I think that they are more powerful than goals, they just feel like more of a commitment to me. Hence, I made a list of intentions instead of resolutions. I'm more likely to follow through. And although it isn't stated, I do have specifics figured out.

One of the things that I've wanted to do for a long time is learn how to make videos using my computer. In fact, it is mentioned in the presentation below, which happens to be my first laptop video. See what I mean about follow-through? I've already completed one thing on my list and the year is only hours old. I'm pumped!

I proudly present a visual listing of my 13 intentions for 2013. If it works the way that I hope it will, you'll feel inspired to create your own.

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