Listen and Feel

phone for you - listen and feel messages from spiritYou probably know by now that listening to your inner guidance is really helpful - go with your gut, go with your instincts, never second guess yourself.

Call it what you will, that kind of source navigation is giving you hints and leading you to opportunities. You expressed a desire and the way to manifest it is being given to you, but sometimes those instructions come in a whisper, such as a hunch.

If you're not listening or you ignore your intuition, you may miss a valuable manifesting gift. Can you sometimes misunderstand? Sure.

Our brains have filters and thoughts that can colour our interpretation of the information we receive. Even if we have understood the message, if we discarded it in favour of doing something else, we usually feel that we shouldn't have second guessed ourselves. In that way, though, the not listening or trusting that whisper is a tool.

Eventually, we notice that our gut is right most of the time. After a while, we get to know that feeling and trust it enough to follow it. When we get to that place, we feel lucky and life goes pretty smoothly. Abraham would say that we are aligned, a vibrational match to our desire. It's what we all want, but we have to listen to it when it comes.

Tips to Help You Hear
In order to speed things up, try quieting your thoughts. Ways of doing that appeal to people differently. You might try:
a walk in the woods can help you relax and hear your intuition
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • a walk in the woods
  • exercise, laughing, having fun
  • anything that leaves your mind open (no drugs!)

All of these things will relax your mind and help you to listen to the 'secrets' that are being whispered in your ear and felt in your gut. Why? Because you've released your resistance to hearing them. Once you're doing that, you're essentially fast-tracking. It's a cause for joy.

Consciously experiment with listening to your inner guidance for a month and see if you notice a difference. It's easy. Just listen and feel.


  1. Hi Shirley,

    I am very much enjoying your new LOA blogging site. I have a whole lot of interest too in further developing my natural intuition.

    I love this article about "Listen and Feel". I've learned through other sources that to sit quietly and feel is the same as allowing the light to shine on whatever it is that is needing our attention. From what I've learned it is that light that does the transforming; the rising above our own level of being. This is like a little miracle; one that surpasses all understanding. It is love in action.

    Thank you Shirley for allowing me to express my thoughts on your blog AND there were no Godzillas here to keep me away! LOL

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to reading more.

    Lots of Love from your Angel Friend Dottie!

  2. Hi Dottie Angel!

    Thank-you so much for bringing your angel self to my humble blog! You are so sweet.

    Re what you said about allowing the light to shine on something that needs our attention, I agree with you about that wonderful aspect of being still. It's just one of the benefits/by-products of giving yourself the gift of stillness. I am thrilled that you mentioned it, thank-you!

    I also believe that light is an important component of our transformation, but recently, I have been thinking about how we play such a huge part in that process. I've decided that we are the central figure in our own transforming, that we make the decision at the heart level and then proceed to draw to us what we need in order to fulfill that longing. Actually, I think it's the same thing that you were saying, just in different words. :)

    Rising above our current level is, in my opinion, a wonderful gift, as you say, and light work can have miraculous results. How blessed we are to have free and easy access to such a tool of help.

    Miracles happen to us every day, but sometimes we don't recognize them. I am trying to be more cognizant of the little blessings, and not let the moment escape without my feeling the gratitude for them. So, I stop for a minute and just take it in (be still). I've found that doing so can make my heart swell.

    Dottie, you are love in action, my friend.

    Thank-you for your encouragement. Please come back any time you want to express your thoughts, or even if you don't feel like 'talking'. I promise to keep Godzilla locked up. :)

    Love & Blessings!


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