Supporting Yourself

newborn pup lovingly supported in human hand
Are you your biggest fan? When you try something new or difficult, do you support and commend yourself?

Most people have beaten themselves up mentally over things they feel thay should have done better or differently. In truth, they did exactly what they should have done for their level of knowledge and experience.

New experiences are learning tools and stepping stones. When you complete them, be mindful of your self-talk. Acknowledge what you've accomplished and feel that you did well.

It's fine to think of areas that you'd like to change or improve, but do so in a way that is supportive. It is a positive thing, afterall.

I believe that we can nurture our self-esteem by being our own inner cheerleaders. Next time you are feeling down about yourself, why not bring out the mental pom-poms. You deserve a pat on the back for what you've accomplished!

Be blessed!

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