Messages from Spirit via Human Angels

angel wings and halo
I love synchronicity. Those meaningful coincidences that come out of the blue at just the right time delight me. They can take any form and it's always what we need in the way we need to receive it.

One example of synchronicity is the appearance of someone who gives a message that helps us with something we are trying to work out or achieve in our current life. It may be said directly to us or it may be a case of us overhearing someone. I call these messengers Human Angels. Oh, they may not have wings and a halo but they pass on to us valuable insight, guidance or words of comfort just when we need them most. The only thing we have to do is listen and use the information in a way that feels right.

Think of it as co-ordinates for our inner GPS.

When we receive Messages from Spirit via Human Angels, we are being blessed and our prayers are in the process of being answered. It's a nice gesture to ask that the person delivering the message be blessed, too.

We need to be grateful and attentive when we receive a gift like this from Spirit and know that we have been or will be an angel to someone ourselves. We may never be aware of when we perform this service for another person but we will. We are all angels to one another. It's one of the ways that Spirit works through us.

Be blessed today!

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