Do You Have Deserving Issues?

sad puppy aligned with lack or deserving issues
Have you heard stories of people who have won the lottery and were broke again a year later? You probably think that wouldn't happen to you. Think again. If you are aligned with lack or deserving issues, it could happen easier than you think.

If we do not believe that we deserve to prosper, it doesn't matter how much money falls into our laps, we are energetically repelling it. Circumstances will ensure that it disappears pretty quickly. Law of Attraction will see to it that we have evidence of our inner beliefs. The Universe never judges us, it just takes us at our word.

Our level of prosperity is a state a mind that is reflected in our financial health. The good news is that we can change it if it's not what we want it to be.

If you want to begin changing your prosperity for the better, take an honest look at where you might be fostering feelings of being undeserving. Are you rejecting abundance and sabotaging your financial flow?

 Say Thank-you Often ! 


sign saying thank-you to dogs and owners
Expressing Gratitude
Expressing gratitude is a good way to start to move past any deserving issues. Nothing is too big or too small to be grateful for. Offer blessings to any and all (you don't need to do this out loud) and accept gifts graciously. Start the flow moving and keep it going. You will see improvement as soon as your beliefs and energy start to change.

Open and flowing works so well. Know in your heart that there's plenty for everyone and that you deserve to have everything you want. Don't feel guilty or wonder why, just accept it and be grateful and keep the flow moving.

Blessings to you all!


  1. Beautiful way of presenting the issue in focus. This is an empowering article. It comes in a good time too as I went through a similar experience recently. Today I embrace all the blessings that come in the present moment and recognize the abundance that flow without end. Great blog:)

  2. Thank-you, Daisy! I'm so happy that you are now open to receiving abundance! Those blessings will just keep growing and growing.

    I will confess that this is an issue that I have struggled with, as well. There will probably be more posts dealing with deserving, as I think many others are facing this with us.

    A very Blessed and Merry Christmas! May your 2009 become ever more increasingly prosperous!


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