2013 Intention List Check - Ouch!

Time to Weigh In on My 2013 Intentions

My 13 Intentions for 2013 Sign
Well, as 2013 is coming to a close, I couldn't help but reflect on the past 12 months. That got me thinking about the 13 intentions that I publicly announced on this blog, as well as on YouTube via a video that I made.

My thinking at the time, was that if I went public with my intentions, I would be more accountable and apt to accomplish more within the year. Overall, I didn't do too badly, I guess but there are some areas that I still need to work on - ouch!

Did it work? Let's find out how I did then think about the intentions that you made for yourself this year. How many check marks on your list?

My Stated 13 Intentions for the Year 2013

Intention #1 - Stop Running Away Emotionally checkmark my intention #1

Stop Running Away Emotionally - Woman RunningThe Challenge:
This is a biggie for me, as I am a runner. Not with my legs, I do marathons on an emotional level, choosing to leave a person or situation rather than facing it. I've always found it just too uncomfortable. Terrifying, actually.

How I Did:
I'm pleased to report that I have made some (although slight) progress in this area. Still have a long way to go but I am amazed that I've made a start at this late stage of my life. And my biggest take-away from this intention is that it is not nearly as frightening as I thought it would be. I now have the confidence to keep working on this aspect of me, so I can continue to inch forward.
Intention #2 -  Allow Myself to Fully Recover Instead of Stagnating Physically

Allow myself to fully recover instead of - sunflower
The Challenge:
As some of you know, I have been recovering from a pretty severe case of Guillain Barre Syndrome for the past two years. I still have one more year to go before reaching the point where I will be considered (by doctors) to be as recovered as possible.
stagnating physically - cross with toughnut written on it
The length of time to recoup, plus the pain and fatigue that some therapy and movements cause me has, at times, given me a (poor) excuse to stagnate physically. You know that we sometimes choose to stay within our comfort zone and that's what I was doing. Sure, less pain that way but also less-to-no improvement. I resolved to change that in 2013.
No more lingering disability - yay! Stuffed sunflower toy
How I Did:
I'm extremely happy to report that I have improved quite a bit. It wasn't easy and took a long time but I am definitely better than I was when I made that video. I am inspired to continue with my healing and the necessary efforts to get my body fully functioning again. That is the best part of all for me.

Intention #3 - Open My Heart More Fully

Heart with open my heart more fully written on it
The Challenge:
Some people seem to be born open-hearted. I am not one of them. Somewhere along the way, I learned it is a painful thing to do, so my emotions became a closely guarded secret between me and me.

How I Did:
Better, thankfully. I succeeded by starting small - messages in cards, a letter written to my daughter on her wedding day. Not a big deal for many people but it took a concerted effort on my part. As with most things, the more I open and outwardly show people that I care, the easier it's getting. One of my sisters told me recently that she has noticed a positive difference in me. With that confirmation that my intention is working, I will continue to work on this one as well.

Intention #4 - Learn How to Make a Video on My Laptop

Photo of laptop, learn how to make a video on my laptop
The Challenge:
I'm rather non-techy but wanted to learn how to make simple videos on my only computer - my laptop.

How I Did:
Nailed it! My first video was My 13 Intention for 2013. I'm nowhere near pro status but I have fun with this new (to me) creative medium.

Intention #5 - Give More of Myself to Other People and Causes

Intention #5 - Give more of myself to other people and causes
The Challenge:
This ties in with intention #3 to open my heart more fully. Because I'm a hermit by nature, I seldom give myself the opportunity to offer my time, energy or resources.

How I Did:
Much better than previously. I allowed myself to go out more, to communicate with others more often and offer to give of my time. Sometimes, that was to be a volunteer for a charitable event, other times it was for dogsitting, or something of that nature. I've avoided contact with others as much as possible but now, I enjoy it more. As with most of my other intentions, there's still work to be done.

Intention #6 - Take the Time to Figure Out What I Truly Want

Intention #6 - Take the time to figure out what I truly want, girl sitting contemplating
The Challenge:
Unfortunately, it is the number six spot where I start to get failing grades. With this intention, taking the time to ponder my true desires wasn't an issue. Figuring out what I truly, in my heart of hearts, want is and has been my greatest mystery.

How I Did:
Not very well, I'm afraid. My general desires are the same as always, however whenever I try to get specific and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, I seem to run into a brick wall.

Intention #7 - Start Driving Again

Intention #7 - Start Driving Again - woman's hands on steering wheel
The Challenge:
The right side of my body was pretty badly affected by the GBS, both the muscles and nerves. I had to develop my muscles enough to withstand using the pedals and brakes. Also, on bad days, my cognitive skills aren't the sharpest. I was afraid of causing an accident.

How I Did:
Well, I can only give myself half marks for this one. I've driven around the block a couple of times and have decided to keep my car but I still fear causing harm by being the reason of an accident occurring. Maybe half marks is too generous.

Intention #8 - Improve My Finances

Intention #8 - Improve My Finances - picture of Canadian billsThe Challenge:
Stated pretty straight forward, I think. I needed more incoming than outgoing, despite being unable to work.

How I Did:
Awesome! Thing is, I don't even know how, it just started happening. Money flows to me and sometimes, I don't know how it is that I have so much in my bank account. I am in wondrous awe of this process and eternally grateful for such a loving and abundant universe!

Intention #9 - Start Opening to My Higher Potential

Intention #9 - Start Opening to My Higher Potential - picture of mountain peak
The Challenge:
I felt that whatever I was doing, I could do it better, that there was something that I wasn't doing but could or should be. Hmmm.

How I Did:
I've no idea how to measure my progress with this intention because it is too vague. I still don't really have a grasp on what I believe my "higher potential" to be.

Intention #10 - Make This Blog As Helpful As Possible

Intention #10 - Make This Blog As Helpful As Possible, picture of lightbult The Challenge:
Trying to figure out the most helpful topics for readers then presenting them, along with resource links, in a clear and concise manner.

How I Did:
I gave myself a 50/50 mark simply because I don't know how to rate it. I know for fact, that some of the posts are in demand, judging by the number of visitors to that page but there are some that are lingering in the dark.

Also, the past six months, I've allowed life to interfere with my posting.
Intention #11 - Learn and Explore More

Intention #11 - Learn and Explore More - inside a large cave
The Challenge:
Being something of a hermit, and carrying residual facial damage from GBS, I was reluctant to go out in public. People stare. With the effects on my brain, I was concerned about atrophy.

How I Did:
Well, I gave myself a check mark for learning, I've made a concentrated effort to learn something daily. Short term memory still isn't 100% but I firmly believe that actively researching a variety of subjects will help sharpen my damaged mental faculties. I think that I deserve the X for the exploring side of things, though. I've forced myself to get out and do a bit but not nearly enough. I shall try to be braver in future, as I very much enjoy hiking and exploring. It's another way to learn and be with nature.

Intention #12 - Make Fun and Laughing a Bigger Part of My Life

Intention #12 - Make Fun and Laughing a Bigger Part of My Life - bucket on the beach
The Challenge:
I was living like a recluse and could not remember the last time that I'd laughed, even a little, never mind a full-out belly laugh!

How I Did:
I almost gave myself half marks for this one, too. However, when I stopped to think about it, I have not only had a bit of fun with friends and family, I've also started allowing myself to relax more. That's a big deal for me, so I allotted myself a full check mark. This too, will be an ongoing project. Fun and laughter are good for your health.

Intention #13 - Practice Stillness to Find More Peace

Intention #13 - Practice Stillness to Find More Peace - picture of still lake
The Challenge:
A whirling dervish of a mind, hyper A-type personality with a side helping of extreme shyness. Great for internal battles.

How I Did:
I was going to give myself an epic fail here but realized that I actually have found more peace. Thing is, I have not done well at the 'practice stillness' part. Somehow, I got one without the other. The world is a mysterious place to me, sometimes.
So, there is my 2013 intentions roundup and self-generated ratings. Perhaps, you want to measure how far you've come too, so you can start to formulate your 2014 intentions in time for the new year that will soon be upon us.

I hope you did well and I wish you much happiness and abundance in 2014. Happy New Year!
From Enlightened Beings

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