Appreciating the Gift of Contrast

Appreciating the Contrast Gift Box
Contrast is a gift and a process
All of us Abers (Abraham-Hicks followers) have heard Abraham say a million times, "You are appreciating the contrast?" People in the audience always giggle at that question because for most of us, the obvious answer is "no". We'd rather have life flow exactly the way we want it to. Yet, there is great purpose in living the contrasts that life throws our way.

Contrast Leads to Clarity

If you don't expand, you stagnate. Seeing, hearing, or having, things you don't want, helps you to know what you do want. That's an important first step in manifesting - clarity about what you truly desire. Contrast helps you sort through the details and hone them to make them perfect.

When life isn't going the way you want it to, try to see the gift being offered to you through the experience. Not always easy but if you look hard enough, there will be something. It may be the chance to start over, or to make important changes that align you with the happy life you've been seeking. It may be something much less drastic.

Intention and Expansion


Haven't you ever reached a point with something, where you think you just can't stand it anymore? We all have. That's pretty strong contrast and can fill you with a determined intention to have something different in your life.

If you want a change badly enough, this gift gets the wheels in motion. You begin to expand with thoughts, ideas, desires, knowledge, people, or love. And when you expand, the entire Universe does, too. It also brings you everything you need to accomplish your new goals.

Contrast Creates Powerful Emotion

Think about something that you really, really wanted or didn't want. Didn't you have a lot of emotional attachment to that situation or thing? You might have been angry, depressed, frustrated, longing, feel full of excited expectation, whatever. Chuck full of dread or desire.

The Law of Attraction ensures that strong emotional output (vibrational speaking) and focus creates more of whatever you're emanating. If you're giving off vibes that match your desire, this is very good news. Otherwise, you are being given a chance to further clarify it if necessary and set an intention for manifestation.

Sometimes, things going wrong simply serve to let us know that we need to shift our focus.

In the Now

A crises is one sure-fire way to get you into the present moment but even smaller, less threatening and dangerous events will work to get your attention and focus.

You've got to be in the here and now before you move into the there and then. Of course, the only time there really is, is now. With your focus first on the situation and then on your preferred changes, you can begin to make things happen differently.

The Essential You

You may not realize it but the greatest gift of all is you. The people, places, situations, tragic events....contrasts to you define who you really are. Step-by-step, through each and every trying time and annoyance, you learn more about yourself.

Consider that irksome co-worker. It has been said that others are our mirror. What is it about that person that you don't like or have a problem with? Is there a comparable characteristic about yourself that bugs you? You get the idea.

If you look at contrast as a tool, it is indeed a precious thing.

Appreciating the Gift of Contrast

Sure, there are times when it's difficult to remember to be grateful. You get caught up in what's happening, or your feelings about something that did happen. Perfectly normal human behaviour. However, when you get the opportunity for some quiet thought, look for that gift in the pain or mayhem. It really is there.


And here is Esther explaining what to do when you need to change your vibrational frequency about a subject

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