Friday Freebie: 2 Free Manifesting Courses

This week, I'm drawing your attention to 2 free manifesting Law of Attraction courses.

As I mentioned in this morning's posting, I just signed on as an Enlightened Beings affiliate because I've received their courses and newsletters for even more years then I've had this blog, and find value in the messages and instructions.

Personally, I love anything that helps me at no cost. And that's what I strive to bring you every Friday.

These courses do require your email address but it's easy to simply unsubscribe once you're done the course, if you want to. As I said above, I continued my (free) subscription and still, these several years later, enjoy reading the newsletters and tips.

I hope these free manifesting courses provide you with something truly valuable and helpful in your life.

 "You are never given a wish without also
being given the power to make it true." ~Richard Bach


Course #1 -  FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program

free manifesting magnet training program webpage
No Cost Manifesting Magnet Training Program

This LOA course includes:
  • 3 videos for becoming a manifesting magnet
  • chapter one of the Manifesting Manual
  • a guided mp3 meditation to relax and strengthen your manifesting muscles
  • 30 days of enlightened messages
  • the weekly newsletter, Enlightened Manifestor


Course #2 -  FREE 12 Day Manifesting Money E-course

free 12 day manifesting money e-course webpage
No Cost 12 Day Manifesting Money e-Course

This LOA course includes:

  • 12 daily lessons for increasing your financial vibration and improving your relationship with money

This is a terrific course, I think. Each day, you get an email check (not real currency) that you HAVE to spend within 24 hours, along with specific instructions for amping up your money vibration, the reasons why they work, and how to best benefit from the advice.

I really like that the course is pretty detailed.


There you have it. I really believe that these 2 manifesting courses offer tremendous value. The fact that they are free is certainly a wonderful bonus.

Best of luck with your manifesting.

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