Whatever Happened to... Mike Dooley from The Secret

You may remember Mike Dooley from The Secret, as the contributing teacher who takes us through the car visualization exercise. He instructs us to take a very good look at our hands, taking in all the details before shutting our eyes and placing them on the steering wheel of our dream car.

Just in case you can't bring it to mind, I'm including the short clip to the left.

In The Beginning...

Mike Dooley is a seeker and teacher from way back. While still a teenager, he started to delve into the mysteries of life, hungry to know how it worked and what it was all about. From the age of 12 or 13, Dooley was already contemplating time, space and the oneness of God and humans.

Though he wasn't aware of it at the time, Mike Dooley was already practicing the Law of Attraction. He attracted more and more thoughts on these types of topics over the years, always searching for answers and exploring the paranormal and hypnosis as he went.

The new-found knowledge he gained, through reading and an ever heightening intuition, often conflicted with his Catholic background. He was greatly influenced by the Seth material, by Jane Roberts, and the series confirmed for Dooley, that there was no omnipotent God waiting to punish and mete out justice to sinners. Rather, it helped him believe in the oneness of all and gave him a base to begin practicing LOA principals.

After graduating from university, Dooley began a very successful career in finance that included international tax consulting, an occupation he remained in until he decided to realize the dream of starting his own company. That's when Dooley joined forces with his mother and brother to create and launch Totally Unique T-Shirts (TUT) in 1989. Once a million shirts were sold, the trio closed the company to veer off in a challenging new direction.

"Thoughts Become Things...Choose The Good Ones!" - Mike Dooley

The Expanding Now

With this fresh, exciting path before him, Dooley began recording audios and videos, developing daily inspirational messages, writing and speaking. The three Dooleys run the business, which is still called TUT but now stands for Totally Unique Thoughts.

Even though Dooley knew that trying to figure out 'how' to make things happen was not his job and he had the benefit of understanding Law of Attraction, things did not just fall in lap. He had challenges and lost sleep along the way back but he never gave up and continued to focus on the results he wanted. It worked. Taking inspired action and following intuitive hunches, Mike Dooley created the satisfying life that he wanted.

Today, Dooley is a very busy trainer and entrepreneur. In addition to speaking tours and workshops worldwide, TUT offers the TUT Adventurers Club, an online shop of products, ecards, forums, and Notes from the Universe daily email messages. If you'd like to view a sample of these inspiring notes, check out the sidebar to your right. the website. (*editor's note - sample removed from sidebar)

There are also a number of books written by Mike Dooley, which can be purchased through the TUT Adventurer's Club website, Simon and Schuster, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Some of the books, videos and audios by Mike Dooley:

  • Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic
  • Manifesting Change:  It Couldn't Be Easier
  • Infinite Possibilities:  The Art of Living Your Dreams
  • An Adventurer's Guide to the Jungles of Time and Space
  • Choose Them Wisely
  • 3 Book Collector's Edition Notes from the Universe
  • Book 1 Notes From the Universe
  • Book 2 More Notes From the Universe
  •  Book 3 Even More Notes From the Universe
  • Lost in Space
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Life... But Were Afraid to Ask
  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • Thoughts Become Things

    Mike Dooley from The Secret
    Life Changing Book
    A TUT Conference

    My life in 8 words: "An adventure into creativity and fun." - Mike Dooley

    The TUT Adventurers Club also runs a charitable organization to help reach those in society who have not yet learned about the amazing potential and power available to them through Law of Attraction techniques. Although they are now able to cover all their 2013 conference costs and no longer require a charitable tax status, the organization continues to fulfill their mission of educating, training and donating to worthy causes. The program is based on Dooley's book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.

    I guess it's safe to say that Mike Dooley is having a ball and living a life that he loves. Personally, I believe that he's been doing that before, during and since The Secret movie. And to think, every one of us can be doing that too, if we make it our intention and follow through. *Sigh* I need to practice my focusing!

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