How to Find Your Purpose and Intentions

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LOA experts tell you to firmly set your clear intentions and follow inspired action in order to achieve the life of your dreams and fulfill your purpose. It's a simple, wondrous method. All it takes to get started is, well, an intention.

But what do you do if your intentions are vague and fuzzy, or worse, you don't know what your purpose is? How can you get clear about something you can't find?

Don't Panic

First of all, don't fret. Putting needless pressure on yourself to figure it out this minute, right now, will only keep it away.

Some part of you already does know what you really want and intend to do, be and have in this life. Everybody on this planet is here on purpose and for a reason. Okay, so it's hiding at the moment, it's a bit shy. No amount of pleading or cajoling will bring it out. The good news though, is that is can be coaxed.

Where, Oh Where, Has my Intention Gone?

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On the hunt for my intention
There is no external compass or map that I know of to help you locate your missing intentions. You can't find them outside yourself, anyway.

Introspection is Key

You have no doubt read or heard before that 'the answer lies within'. Take some time to leave daily stress and busyness to sit quietly and ask yourself some important questions. 

Jack Canfield provides an excellent list of questions in his article, Pinpoint Your Passion.  I highly recommend that you go through this list, it can be a huge help to you. Be open and honest with yourself. No one but you will know what you come up with unless you tell them, so don't worry if the answers wouldn't meet with others' approval. Meditate to deeply relax and access this information, if you are able to.

Consider this inner search as your starting point. Once you get a sense of your purpose, you'll have an idea of where your greatest joy lies. You'll know which direction to head in. Therein lies your intentions, or at least the beginning of them. 

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With a clear sense of purpose, clear intentions will follow. Source/Universe will provide the inspiration for the actions, just remember to take those ideas into consideration and act on them when they hit. And they will. Like attracts like, so when you are aligned with what you want to do, be or have, the Law of Attraction mandates that you cannot be refused. Pretty exciting, isn't it?

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