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I've been away, both physically and in the blogging sense. It's been more than that has kept me from posting here though. There is so much helpful information about the Law of Attraction out there, I felt the need to rethink what I was doing here.

The critical mass that was spoken of in James Redfield's book, The Celestine Prophesy, has happened and most people who feel drawn to the new spirituality are already familiar with the basics of Law of Attraction. So, I began to think of the redundancy of this blog.

After spending quite a bit of time ruminating about the whole thing and trying to decide whether or not to just delete this blog, I decided to try thinking about it differently. Instead of assuming it was of no value, I began to wonder how I could make it valuable to anyone who happens by. How could my blog help others with gaining understanding or providing answers or a road map when it comes to the Law of Attraction?

What I finally came to was the idea that I would use this medium to provide resources. People could come to one page here to find a list of books, forums, sites, whatever I can find that I think would be helpful.

So, that's where I am at the moment. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a list of LOA forums for us all to check out and perhaps find a comfortable, supportive LOA home that resonates with us.

I truly hope that at least some my posts will prove helpful to you.

Until tomorrow....

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