Law of Attraction Retreats

You deserve a break today, maybe one that includes visiting a tropical locale, or at least takes you somewhere you've never been before.

When it comes to Law of Attraction retreats, you may go for the healing, to get motivated or pick up pointers about creating, or it could be you saw The Secret and just want to check this LOA stuff out. Regardless of why you go, you'll get to hang out with a lot of like minded people, which can't help but fill you with positivity and raise your vibration.

The following Law of Attraction retreats are not free and unless you live in the areas where they operate or are held, travel will be required.

As a side note, there is a cruise every year for Abraham fans. I figured everyone already knows about that one, so I have not included the information but will if someone wants it.

Edge of World Retreats, Astrology and The Law of Attraction
Date: October 2 - 14, 2010
Price: $2,775.00
Location: Italy

The Edge of World Retreats site is beautiful and I'm certain that your arrangements and amenities will be, as well.

This Astrology and The Law of Attraction retreat is part holiday, part spiritual retreat. There are tours of different Italian cities and other pleasurable activities included in this package, with Kevin B. Burk facilitating the retreat's topics.

During your retreat experience, Burk will help you learn easy, practical methods and practices that he says will completely transform you life and help you unleash LOA fully and become financially free. You will also be taught how to use astrology for daily support and empowerment.

This is an excerpt from the site:

"Through guided meditations, spiritual practices, and written exercises, you will journey to meet each of the seven Astrological Archetypes. These energies not only live in our unique birth charts, but they also live inside each of us. As you create a deep, personal connection with your Astrological Archetypes, you will learn how to step into Right Relationship with each of these energies. This powerful process opens the door for you to experience the levels of Love, Joy, Freedom, Creativity and Prosperity that you've always dreamed of"

To give you a taste of the kind of speaker Burk is, I'm inserting his recommended video below.

Global One TV, 6 Week Devotional Retreat
Date: October 16 - November 28, 2010
Location: Mallorca, Spain

If you prefer a longer retreat, this one may be for you. It's being held in a country that I've been to and love, beautiful Spain. This retreat is based on A Course in Miracles, with Christian Christensen facilitating. For six weeks, attendees create a self sufficient community, shutting out the world in order to really immerse themselves in the program and speed up the process. The idea is to dismantle the ego to enable easy communication with Spirit. From the Sonship Online site, which is where the Global One TV link takes you to:
"During the 2010 Devotional you will go even deeper within, working with the aid of movies, parables, one-to-ones, music, singing and dance. Working with your assigned daily tasks as a backdrop, David's support team will help you to apply in a practical way, into your daily life, his teachings, and awaken your true self. You will learn how to live daily "in purpose" (the purpose is the awakening of the mind with the Holy Spirit). You will be taught a safe process of 'mind watching' that will help you to reveal your debilitating core beliefs. You are asked to be willing to leave behind all personal preferences, since you will learn that it is these that prevent you from hearing the Holy Spirit's guidance and from being delivered to the happiness you desire."
Sorry, I could find no videos to give you a sneak peek for this one.

Vicky Clough Retreats
Date: Varies
Varied Price:
Varied Locations: Varied but all in Utah

Sorry to be so vague but Vicky Clough is a Doctor of Divinity and Spiritual Life Coach in Utah. She holds several different retreats at different times in different locations for different amounts of money. Vicky's programs sound very interesting, warm and loving and include topics such as Grace, Alchemy, Vision Quest for Women and more. It's definitely worth checking out the retreat descriptions to see if anything resonates with you. This from Vicky's site:
"Each retreat is designed for you to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. You are the person who is in charge of your life."
Again, no video for this one. If you're ready to treat yourself to one of these helpful Law of Attraction sojourns, I hope you'll come back and tell us of your experience.

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