Loving Abundance

If you've been to this blog a few times, you've undoubtedly noticed one of the links to the right that takes you to a site called,

Loving Abundance

The Loving Abundance site belongs to two of the nicest, most caring ladies that you can ever hope to meet. Michelle D. Simtoco and Daisy B. Ba-ad are gifted writers, actors, musicians and more. They are brimming with talent, both individually and together. Their crusade to shine light and love to every dark corner of this globe is working, as is evident in the widening circle of people who have been enveloped by these ladies' ripples of love.

If you have not had a chance to visit the Loving Abundance site, I highly recommend that you take a few moments and do it now. There are videos there, including a chant one that Michelle was led to make. If you are in pain, I can tell you from experience that it will effect you in ways that surprise you.

Here's the link again: Loving Abundance

Love, hugs and blessings to you, Michelle and Daisy!


  1. Dear Shirley,

    Thank you for writing about our website. Your words are music to our ears and a delight to the soul. Do you know? Daisy and I are already writing the book that we told you about? Whooohooo! :) Thanks for the hugs, love and blessings. May it return to you a hundredfold. Take care...

  2. Hi Michelle!

    I'm so happy to hear that you and Daisy have begun the book, can't wait to read it. Just let me know when you're ready for an editor. :)

    Thanks so much for the hugs, love and blessings! Back at ya, angel.

  3. Hi Shirley,

    Wow it's simply sweet of you to "market" our site this way.LOL We're very grateful for the generous gesture. May all the loving abundance continue to flow in your life. You deserve the best.

    Love and Light

  4. Hi Daisy:

    So sorry, I only just now found your comment!

    I'm happy to do anything that I can to help, hope that at least a little traffic comes your way. Your site is a gift to so many.

    Thank-you for coming by. :)

    Many Blessings!


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