Changing Jobs Can Mean Changing Vibration

feeling stuck at a job, changing jobs
Feeling stuck
When we first start a new job, we feel a little nervous but enthusiastic. Over time and often without noticing when it starts, we can become bored or dissatisfied. We may even develop problems with our boss or a co-worker. We want out but feel stuck where we are.

I have worked with people who dislike their job yet remain in the same place for years. They've had a variety of reasons:

- They've put in their time and don't want to start over
- They think they're too old
- They're afraid of losing benefits
- They're afraid that they won't get a better situation

Notice that all the excuses to stay in an unhappy environment are based on fear. Typically, the longer the situation goes on, the harder it is to see a way out. At this point, these thoughts and feelings have become the dominant vibration. Unless that changes, those beliefs will only attract more of the same.

How to Change Your Vibration


* Start where you are. Realize that it's just a stepping stone to what you really want to do. If you already know what that is, hold it in your sights and imagine how it will be BUT visualize and think of yourself as already there.

* Change your dominant vibration. Start feeling grateful and blessed for every aspect of your current job. Nothing is too small - customers, co-workers, your desk and computer, the building you work in. Let yourself feel happy that it's all leading you to the job you really want. If you can do this while being clear about where you want to be, you'll make great strides towards your ideal employment.

* Be willing to release everything about the job that makes you unhappy. That may mean the job itself. Feel glad that it's going to someone for whom it's ideal.

* Hold thoughts that you and your perfect employment are being brought together.

If you can change your feelings and beliefs about your job, you'll change your vibration and attract something different. Law of Attraction guarantees it!

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